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The arrest and charge of an Indian woman, Jumana Fakhruddin Nagarwala, for performing female genital mutilation on two young girls in Michigan, brings front and center the question of whether certain religions are compatible with America’s Constitution.

Certain religions — ha.

Let’s not dance around the room here. Islam, at least when it’s practiced — when it’s not approached as a menu of options, which believers will call an infidel’s way or worship, anyway — is incompatible with our country’s spirit of freedom, Founding Father principles and constitutionally based concepts of equality and justice.

Hold the cries of outrage, please. Not interested.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations will sell otherwise — that Islam is a religion of peace and that anyone who professes otherwise is a hater. Leftist and progressive politicians agree. So, too, do mainstream’s media members, who cannot for some strange reason even bear to tie crime and terrorism to Islam, even when the facts stare and blare.

The Huffington Post, for instance, put out this headline about Nagarwala’s arrest: “Indian-Origin Woman Doctor Charged With Female Genital Mutilation in U.S.”

In WCVB 5, a local ABC News affiliate, it was this: “Detroit ER Doctor Charged With Child Genital Mutilation.”

In USA Today, the headline ran: “How a Detroit-area doctor may have mutilated girls’ genitalia for decades.”

But a common denominator with these stories — and with the headlines, for that matter?

Nary a mention of the good doctor’s Muslim religion. As if the religious beliefs of the physician, and the religious beliefs of those she was serving, had nothing to do with the barbaric FGM practice.

Heck, USA Today even reported of a purposeful cover-up of authorities about Nagarwala’s religion, by writing: “Authorities would not disclose what religion the defendant practices, or what cultural group she is affiliated with — stating only that she is part of a religious and cultural community that’s known to practice genital mutilation on girls. One Indian-American leader said female genital mutilation is not a Hindu practice.”

Hmm, that would leave — let’s see, it’s on the tip of my tongue.

FrontPageMag.com offered up a clue or two.

Nagarwala reportedly wore a Khimar to court — and “the Khimar is a Muslim head-covering,” FrontPageMag.com said. There there was this: “Fakhruddin means Pride in Religion. And it isn’t the Amish religion,” FrontPageMag.com wrote. And then there was this: “Nagarwala has become the first person arrested in America for female genital mutilation. Unsurprisingly, this has happened in an area with a high concentration of Muslims,” the same news outlet reported.

It’s like the boardgame “Clue” for the religious crowd — I’ll take woman in the burka with the Koran.

But why must we guess?

Why can’t America’s policing authorities and political leaders just come out and call a spade a spade, an Islamic practice an Islamic practice?

Take a quick breath and the answer’s already evident.

Here’s why: Because if America knew the full truth of Islam, the depths of its barbarity, the extent of its aberrations of human dignities and rights, then Americans wouldn’t be so accepting of what politicians like to subtitle as diversity.

It’s not just this horrific mutilation on American girls, masked as a healthy medical practice and religious norm.

Look at this, the latest from Pew Research Center, “Muslims and Islam: Key finding in the U.S. and around the world,” from February: “Nearly all Muslims in Afghanistan (99 percent) and most in Iraq (91 percent) and Pakistan (84 percent) support sharia law as official law.” Another 42 percent of Muslims in Russia think sharia should be law of land in areas dominated by Muslims. Eighty-three percent of Muslims in Morocco do; 74 percent in Egypt; 71 percent in Jordan, 86 percent in Malaysia; 72 percent in Indonesia; 86 percent in Niger; 65 percent in Ethiopia; 52 percent in Liberia.

So what’s the big deal about sharia?

“Most Muslims believe sharia is the revealed word of God rather than a body of law developed by men based on the word of God,” Pew reported in 2013. “Muslims also tend to believe sharia has only one, true understanding.”

And now take all that, and consider this: Sharia means male judges determine the outcome of domestic and (rarely allowed) divorce matters; women are pretty much properties; public whippings and canings are accepted practice for those guilty of theft; stonings are regularly handed down as punishment for adultery. And for those who try to convert to another faith?

Forget about it.

“In six of the 20 countries where there are adequate samples for analysis, at least half of those who favor making Islamic law the official law also support executing apostates,” Pew reported. “Taking the life of those who abandon Islam is most widely supported in Egypt (86 percent) and Jordan (82 percent).”

That’s just a glance at some of the truths behind Islam’s very veiled practices and beliefs. And what of the moderate Muslims — the ones who don’t believe, say, in the concept of cutting off the hand of a thief, in line with sharia?

Well, one question to them: Why are you allowing the so-called radical element of the religion to lead and dominate?

Islam apologists will speak of the small, very small percentage of Muslims who actually commit acts of terror and violence, in the name of allah. But if the percentage is so very small, it shouldn’t seem so challenging for the peaceful element to drown out the radical, or the unjust. And yet — it doesn’t happen.

So maybe, as Pew suggests, the so-called radical Muslim population isn’t so small after all?

And if that’s the case, America’s in trouble. How can one read the beliefs of Muslims, the teachings of Islam, and regard such as compatible with the Constitution? With Judeo-Christian teachings?

“Roughly seven-in-ten U.S. Muslims say religion is very important in their lives [and] virtually all say they believe in God, nearly two-third report praying at least daily and nearly half say they attend religious services at least weekly,” Pew reported.

Those are the stats for Muslims in America. They’re religious; they’re into their faith. They’re not passive about their beliefs. And thanks to Democrats and leftists, and their all-courts-press to shield Islam from law enforcement radars, we’re not very well informed about what goes on in the mosques.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s the ah-ha moment of why so many leftists in America’s politics and media embrace all-things-Islam: “When it comes to political and social views, Muslims are far more likely to identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party (70 percent) than the Republican Party (11 percent),” Pew wrote.

Muslims are Democratic voters.

What a surprise, right? That explains part of the reason for the media’s reluctance to speak bluntly when Islam’s involved, and for the left’s refusal to equate Islam with anything but peace.

Well, it’s too late for those poor little American girls in Detroit, who were forced to suffer the barbarous genital mutilation in the name of some religion we’re not even supposed to name.

But a read of Pew’s findings gives an illuminating peak behind Islam’s shroud. And Islam, thy name is not freedom. Now if only more Americans would awaken to that realization, and drop the politically correct fears to fight for the fate of the nation, before it’s crumbled from within.

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