- - Thursday, April 6, 2017


The Democrats have proven by deed that they are not interested in representing the American people, nor are they interested in bringing us together. They are continuing President Obama’s game plan to divide and conquer. As long as they can create chaos and obstruct our new president in any way they can, they are doing their best to kill democracy as we know it. From electing a new Supreme Court justice, to sanctuary cities and blaming President Trump for colluding with Russia, they lie and obstruct with impunity.

Old pathological liars like former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who blamed the death of our ambassador to Benghazi and his men on a video, has now crawled out from under her rock to involve herself in another despicable national incident involving classified information leaked to the public. In one interview she denies any knowledge of what transpired. In another she contradicts herself, proving she lied again.

As it stands, the biased news media and left-leaning Democrats are coming out of the woodwork to defend her just as they defended Mr. Obama when he said there wasn’t a “smidgen” of corruption by the IRS, his plan for health care would save everyone $2,500 a year and everyone who liked their doctors could keep their doctors.

The Democrats are not the solution to our countries woes; they are the problem. For eight long years the Republicans let the Democrats beat them into submission. Now it’s time for the GOP to grow a backbone and stand their ground. They must fight the fight on behalf of the people and hold accountable those guilty of defying our laws.


Warrenville, S.C.

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