- - Sunday, April 9, 2017

Our government is engaged in a messy bout of sandbox politics. Just like the petty fighting we used to do in the sandbox when we were little, politics these days is turning into partisan child’s play. Democrats disagree with Republicans just because they’re Republicans and vice versa. Sure, some still care about the ideas and the policies, but let’s be honest here: Both sides want to spite the other. It’s what caused Republicans to resort to the “nuclear option.” Democrats were upset about their “stolen seat” and were determined to oppose whomever President Trump nominated for the Supreme Court seat, regardless of his or her qualifications. It’s what causes Democrats to criticize everything Mr. Trump or his administration does. When Vice President Pence said he had a personal rule to never dine alone with a woman who wasn’t his wife, the left went crazy and spun him as a misogynist and a sexist.

When people take a look at our government, they see too much of the petty sandbox politics. They see actions that are a waste of time, money and effort. The line needs to be drawn when parties start fighting at our expense.


Stevenson Ranch, Calif.

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