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The left likes to talk a great deal about the need for both parties to work together — for Republicans to reach out to Democrats, for ideologies of all types to band together for the country’s common good, for conservatives to cross partisan lines and partner on matters of Great National Importance, politics be danged.

Well, Democrats are hypocrites. They say all that while calling for the likes of impeachment of President Donald Trump and a summer of mass resistance. But amid their hypocrisy is still a gold nugget worth grabbing.

And it goes like this, Republicans: Quit the infighting.

It’s time to halt the anti-Trump hate and band together for the common good of conservatives and the country.

The fate of the party — the fate of this nation — rests on Republicans’ ability to stop wasting precious time and quit burning hard-won political capital.

Elections are coming, and the GOP is letting rancor ruin the party, and for what? Because some still can’t acknowledge and accept that Trump is the president.

And to be fair, Trump — as quite right as he is for calling out the establishment and RINOs of the bunch — nonetheless often fuels the fiery distractions from political business with 120-character count responses on Twitter that may make for good media coverage, that may soothe a pride that’s been savaged by pols and press alike, but that, in the end, doesn’t help Joe and Jane American any.

It’s high time to put a cap in all this Republican v. Republican mudslinging.

The truth is, we’re seven-plus months into the new administration with nary an Obamacare repeal passed, and at this point, it’s not about who’s right or who’s wrong — who’s RINO and establishment-minded. It’s about the chance to accomplish something great.

Truly, Trump supporters already know Congress is filled with RINOs. They’ve known that way before Trump even took office. Conversely, Trump critics know this president isn’t the smoothest-talking diplomat in the room. He’s not changed in tone since campaign days. So what more to prove by continuing the jabs and slams and petty name-calling and blaming?

It’s time to start the healing process. Bury the hatchet, guys.

Let’s move on to the legislation and policies that are supposed to be core to the Republican Party — that are supposed to separate the Republicans from the Democrats.

GOP, quit attacking your president. Trump, stop blasting the congressional members you need to pass your agenda.

To all Republicans: Realize the window of opportunity to undo the progressivism of Barack Obama and usher back the capitalism, the sovereignty, the limited-government basics that made this country great in the first place doesn’t stay open indefinitely.

Conservatives in America voted Republican for a reason — and it wasn’t to watch the next match of Trump v. McConnell, or Trump v. McCain, or Trump v. Ryan. It was to make America great again.

So let’s get going on that. The clock’s ticking, elections are dawning and voters — remember the voters? — are still expecting great things.

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