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Conservative grassroots activists who support President Trump and are angry at the Senate’s failure to pass a bill repealing ObamaCare will have their first opportunity to send a message to Washington in next Tuesday’s Alabama U.S. Senate special election. They can send that message by working for - and, if they happen to live in Alabama, voting for - Congressman Mo Brooks.

The special election was necessitated when Jeff Sessions left the Senate to assume his current role as Attorney General of the United States.

Under Alabama law, the Governor had the power to appoint an interim place-holder to fill the seat until such time as Alabama voters were given the opportunity to choose a new Senator in a special election.

Scandal-tarred (and now former) Governor Robert Bentley, in a move many believe was designed to block an investigation into his alleged misuse of taxpayer funds to hide an extramarital affair, appointed to the interim seat the man who was leading the investigation - the state’s Attorney General, Luther Strange.

Strange came to Washington and promptly earned the Establishment’s favor - so much so that the pro-Establishment Senate Leadership Fund has launched an $8 million campaign on Strange’s behalf in the special election.

Judging by what’s been broadcast on Alabama television, most of that money, it seems, has been targeted at the one man the Establishment least wants representing Alabama in the Senate - Congressman Mo Brooks, the first Republican to win Alabama’s fifth congressional district since 1868.

Brooks proved in his first congressional race that he is nobody’s lackey. He bucked the party leadership in Washington when he challenged a sitting Democrat-turned-Republican, Parker Griffith, and soundly defeated him in the primary; then, in the general election, he took on former Senator Howell Heflin’s long-time chief of staff, Steve Raby, and dispatched him easily.

Since then, Brooks has been the kind of leader for which conservative activists hunger.

He is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, and has been a leader on key issues of concern to conservative grassroots activists - toughening enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws, working to repeal ObamaCare, fighting to reduce our nation’s out-of-control debt.

Since he announced his intention to run for the seat, he’s been on the receiving end of millions of dollars worth of negative ads, most of which assert falsely that he is an opponent of President Trump.

In fact, he is a strong supporter of President Trump’s agenda - according to one recent analysis, he’s voted in support of the Trump agenda 95 percent of the time.

Brooks has been fighting in the House for funding for President Trump’s proposed border wall, and he has promised that when he gets to the Senate, he’ll filibuster if need be to ensure that Congress appropriates funds for that wall.

It’s no wonder that last week, seven Trump delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention - including State Rep. Ed Henry, the chairman of the Trump campaign in Alabama - endorsed Brooks for the Senate.

Conservative talk radio hosts Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham have also endorsed Brooks for the seat. So have FreedomWorks and Senate Conservatives Fund.

Last week, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund - the Super PAC affiliated with Tea Party Patriots - endorsed Brooks, and launched an Independent Expenditure on his behalf.

And this week, I’ll be traveling to Alabama to spend time on the campaign trail with Brooks.

As with every endorsement issued by our Super PAC, it was based in large part on Brooks’ strength with our grassroots supporters in Alabama. Even though there are nine candidates running for the GOP nomination, Brooks easily garnered more than a majority of the vote when we surveyed our supporters in the state. That’s a testament to his reputation among conservatives throughout the state, and it’s a sign he’ll have the kind of support he needs to serve with spine in the Senate.

The even better news is, Alabama’s special election gives conservative grassroots activists all over the country an opportunity to engage. Because there are no other Senate elections going on next Tuesday, activists around the country can focus their energy making volunteer calls to targeted voters in Alabama - a project TPPCF is directing as the election nears.

So if you’re a conservative activist fed up with the Senate’s inability to pass a real ObamaCare repeal bill - the kind we’ve been promised for seven years now - and you’re a strong supporter of President Trump who wants to send a message to Washington, join us as we work to elect Mo Brooks to the Senate.

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