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Hollywood and the mainstream media have put aside faith-based and wholesome entertainment way too often, making it difficult for viewers to have access to quality films and TV content that encourages faith and elevates family values. Surely, we could argue that over the years we have seen remarkable Christian movies that have taken the box office by storm, but they are simply not enough. As Christians, we have access to the greatest story ever told, in addition to a great number of invaluable teachings, and it is our responsibility to share these stories with the rest of the world, to evangelize through thought-provoking entertainment and utilize technology to do so.

So far, collectively, we have done a good job creating and distributing films and TV content for the Christian community, but we need to do a better job spreading our message outside of the Christian circle. We need to find other ways to portray our stories in a way that’s appealing to a wider audience without compromising our faith in the process, which is exactly what Parables has committed to accomplish.

Parables, the digital video streaming service that is edifying, empowering and entertaining, is rapidly evolving, establishing itself not only as a faith-based OTT platform, but as content creator focused on producing films and TV content that’s uplifting, creative, innovative, and most importantly, safe for the entire family to enjoy and learn from. Parables aims to impact the way we enjoy entertainment at home or on the go, offering viewers worldwide more meaningful and life-changing content, which is precisely the type of viewing experience that Parables has carried out with its latest original production.

“Turbulent,” Parables’ latest original production, depicts a powerful story of faith, love and redemption. In a last-ditch effort to save their marriage, Richard and Rachel Kline (actors Jeff Rose and Faith Murphy, respectively), booked a trip to a marriage retreat in a remote location deep into the mountains.

After suffering a terrible tragedy, Rachel had been suffering from a state of depression that put a heavy strain on their marriage for the last two years. As she battled her demons, she was finally able to find comfort in Jesus Christ and the church. Her newfound commitment to the Lord served as the ideal support she needed to move on and work her way back to happiness. However, the strain of Rachel’s depression was particularly tough on her husband. At first, Richard tried his best to be supportive, but his frustration of being unable to help his wife, soon drove a wedge between them. Angered by the fact that she couldn’t find comfort in his efforts, but was able to find support in her faith, he started a double life, triggered by a profound jealousy of her relationship with God.

Grasping to the idea that their trip would be a calm and effortless way to settle their differences, their plans go awry when the small plane they are traveling on has a malfunction and crashes deep in the wooded wilderness, killing the pilot on impact. Lost, injured and alone, Richard and Rachel will try to survive their plight while dealing with their personal issues. Will it be possible for both of them to find comfort in God and save their marriage, while also saving their lives?

Directed by Chip Rossetti and Executive Produced by Isaac Hernandez, “Turbulent” is a relatable narrative that resonates with all audiences regardless of their religious background. The film is a heartfelt drama brimming with adrenaline and excitement that promises to captivate the viewer from beginning to end. Exactly the type of emotions that Parables wishes to accomplish with all of their upcoming productions.

Adriana Herran, General Manager of Parables, stated: “My hope is that everyone who watches a Parables original production walks out feeling full of hope and love. Our main focus is to create new connections between all our viewers and God, as well as strengthen the faith of all believers around the globe. Parables wants to empower all communities to take a stand and change the way we look at entertainment, and we believe that the best way to do so, is by offering a high-quality and entertaining alternative to all the negativity that’s plaguing our society.”

In order to achieve their goal, Parables is doing much more than focusing on the message. The company is investing considerable resources in making sure that all their stories are well-written and produced by a team of experienced professionals. All this hard work and dedication has resulted in the creation of relatable characters going through real-life situations applicable to all audiences inside and outside the Christian community.

For more information about Parables digital video streaming services and original productions, including the upcoming film “Turbulent,” please visit parablestv.com.

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