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Americans, even the best-informed, often make the mistake of thinking the United Kingdom joined the European Union “for the money” when, in fact, we have been for decades massive financiers of the EU (some $504 billion since we joined).

We joined what was called a “common market” and mistook it for a free-trading, competitive market economy along Anglo-Saxon lines, which it never was. Rather, it was a political structure and the first step to a superstate dominated politically by Germany, which has benefited the most economically.

We don’t look across the Channel at a bunch of “garlic eaters,” as one American wrote recently (most of us cook with garlic nowadays, anyway). No, we see a structure founded by many who were Nazis and Fascists and abolished the democratic sovereignty of the nation-states for whose freedom 50 million people died in two world wars.

We see a structure run by peoples who slaughtered Jews, Serbs and gypsies in extermination camps and have brought about a Europe today that is remarkably similar to the Europe of 1941. We see the end of 28 national democracies, 28 constitutions, 19 central banks, some 20 million unemployed, mass migrations, Jewish flight, destruction of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia and much more.

We see the awful past and its reflection in the future. So the British people — not their corrupted political class — voted to leave. And by leave, they meant to truly leave.


Stocksfield, England

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