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The hand-wringers at the United Nations, the European Union, the Catholic Church and within the political ranks of progressive, globalist, Islamic apologist minds worldwide are predicting nothing but gloom and doom, violence and mayhem, death and quite possibly destruction, from President Donald Trump’s announced intent to move the U.S. Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv, where it’s stood for years, to its proper capital city — Jerusalem.

Let ‘em. Let the moaners moan, the wailers wail — and, well, the violent anti-Israel, anti-American protesters protest.

Why should America kowtow to enemies of freedom?

Why must the United States cater to the lowest denominator?

Hamas came out in the immediate aftermath and announced a new intifada, or violent uprising, against Israel. Al Qaeda shortly thereafter called for attacks on America. Are these the people we’re seriously supposed to be soothing and calming? Placating?

Bureaucrats with the United Nations, the European Union and the progressive ilk in America denounced the measure as foolhardy, a precursor to certain violence, a politically disastrous move that would shred any hope of a two-state peace process — a Pandora’s Box of negative foreign relation consequences that once opened, would ripple to infinity and beyond.


That’s right, it’s bunk.

Not the part that predicts the mobs of angry Muslims taking to the streets and burning flags and effigies in protest. That part’s true; that’s as sure as a day of rage as any. But the hogwash part is this: the eye-blink to the obvious — the fact that the naysayers would have it believed that those going wild over Trump’s announcement weren’t basically waiting in the wings for a reason to go wild, anyway.

America’s been tiptoeing around a radicalized Mideast element for years. And in so doing, America’s been strangled by rogue, deceptive Mideast players who’ve expertly dangled a prospect of peace for years. It’s one big lie.

The two-state peace process hasn’t been hanging on a thread of America’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It’s been long-gone buried by a radicalized Palestinian and Islamic desire to destroy all-things-Israel — and oh, make that America and the West, as well.

Hamas is not America’s friend, and that’s historically speaking, way before Trump’s announcement. Hamas is not Israel’s friend, either — and while we’re on the topic, Palestinians in general don’t think too much of the Jewish state or the United States, either.

In May of 2011, Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the Hamas administration in the Gaza Strip, spoke of America’s killing of Osama bin Laden this way, the ADL noted: “We regard this as a continuation of the American policy based on oppression and the shedding of Muslim and Arab blood. … We condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior.”

In 2014, Hamas leader Ismail Radwan warned of what he said was a “dangerous level of Judaization” of Jerusalem and of Islam’s al-Aqsa Mosque, issuing a threat of “a volcanic explosion” that would devastate Israel if the Jewish state didn’t back off claims to the site.

Again in 2014, Palestinian Authority leaders upset at then-Secretary of State John Kerry’s idea of a Israeli-Palestinian peace deal launched a worldwide diplomatic and legal attack on the Jewish state, pushing for boycotts “in every conceivable form,” the Times of Israel reported.

The takeaway over time: Stray from the Palestinians’ rigid conditions for peace, and it’s not just no peace that will prevail — it’s violence and a whole lot of hurt. Cut across the grain of perceived Hamas self-interest, and it’s more of the same — you’re the enemy of Hamas.

These are the people the hand-wringers want appeased?

No. America First — that’s a line Trump was fond of saying on the campaign trail. Another one?

“[I’m] a friend and lifelong supporter of Israel,” he said, during an American Israel Public Affairs Committee speech in March of 2016. “Believe me.”

With his Jerusalem announcement, Trump’s only proving it. And, dare say, that’s the real hot spot — the real raw nerve — for the Palestinians and Islam apologists of the world. Trump didn’t just talk pro-Israel to get elected. He’s got the nerve to actually act it.

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