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Democrats have been meeting over the past few days at “retreats” near Washington to figure out what happened to them last November. They’re trying to plot a strategy to destroy the president they despise and to overcome a ballot-box disaster that has left them with fewer officeholders, from top to bottom and across the 50 states, than they’ve had in a century.

They clearly need something. All they’ve come up with is what a man with a world-class hangover calls “a little hair of the dog.” Another round of drinks will make him feel a little better, at least for a little while. He can dream of winning back Congress next year and taking the White House two years after that. Happy days will be here again.

The new strategy calls for a hard turn to the left and the tactics of activists and community organizers of the far left who call themselves “the Resistance.” If they can destroy the Trump administration’s ability to function and shut down the government by gumming up the works with sand, molasses and gravel, that ought to fix things, and then, in gratitude, the nation will reward the people who brought the government down. Whatever else the strategy might be, it’s novel.

Big mischief is afoot. The Democratic National Committee set up an “anti-Trump “war room” and immediately congratulated the street activists who, to make their point that newly confirmed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos doesn’t know anything about the public schools, used mob tactics to prevent her from trying to visit a public school. David Brock, who raised money for Hillary and blew it in her campaign, gathered credulous Democratic donors in Florida to persuade them to give him some more of their millions to demonize, destroy and impeach the Donald. Other Democratic strategists want to “bork” Neil Gorsuch, the president’s Supreme Court nominee, and still others want to help Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren take over the party’s national committee.

Desperate times require desperate measures. The Senate retreat was held in West Virginia, once an impregnable redoubt of Democrats but which has become a stronghold of working-class Republicans, and invited some of the deplorables to teach the senators “how to talk to real people.” The planners of panels apparently got the idea from something they read in an old copy of the National Geographic magazine with an article on the aborigines of deep, dark New Guinea, with hints on how to learn from what Kipling called the lesser breeds without the law.

Descending into the land of deplorables requires a certain courage bordering on recklessness, so the Democrats found a liberal enclave surrounded by denizens of darkness. Shepherdstown, a pretty little city that is no Cambridge, Mass., is a college town with more liberal academics and students in search of safe places than coal miners, working stiffs and horny-handed sons of toil who voted overwhelmingly for Mr. Trump. These were the voters that Democrats once pursued but who are now dismissed as racists, misogynists, the religious, clingers of guns and assorted bigots.

The Democratic Party not so long ago looked out for Americans like these, who mined the coal, raised the crops, worked in the mills, went to church on Sunday and when war came cheerfully put on their country’s colors and marched to the front without complaint.

The party leaders can’t believe they lost these voters because of what they now preach. It must be because these voters are not smart enough to understand they were flummoxed by Donald Trump’s plain talk about what’s gone wrong in America. They aren’t likely now to be wooed back by politicians who design a government by and for liberal elitists, and who disdain them with such gusto.

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