- - Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers held a unique view of the branches of government, their powers and how these powers related to one another. Maybe it’s time we revisited this view. The Constitution is at stake and the way in which our country resolves the internal conflicts it is experiencing today could determine our fate for many years to come.

Here are just some of the issues in question. Does California have a right to secede from the union? Does Washington state (or any state, for that matter) have the right to ignore a presidential order? Does a U.S. district court judge have the authority to stay or overturn a presidential order even when that order is within his executive, statutory and historical authority?

It would be much easier to answer these questions if we citizens had been more attentive to the direction our political system was headed over the past 157 years, since the days of Lincoln. We should have held our elected officials to strict adherence to the Constitution and their duty and responsibility to that adherence. The Constitution may not be perfect, but ignoring it has brought us to where we are today: with a jigsaw puzzle of endless laws and political opinion.


Lancaster, Ohio

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