- - Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The resignation of Gen. Michael Flynn from the position of National Security Adviser to the president of the United States brings more to the table than meets the eye. Yes, he lost the trust of the president, and I won’t dwell on that. However, there is more to the story.

There is a concerted effort by multiple parties in the U.S. government to bring down the duly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump. This is not resistance. This is not hurt feelings. This is not just politics. It is sedition. It is treason.

Leaking the transcripts of a phone call between an American member of government and the Russian ambassador is illegal. Leaking the transcripts of the president of the United State’s phone calls to foreign leaders is not just illegal. It is treachery. It hurts the national security of the country, of the people. Bad international actors are on the move around the world — from North Korea to China, to Iran, to Russia. They are bent on weakening the power of this country. Putting the private comments of our president in the public eye is an attempt to hurt his power and, therefore, an effort to hurt the people.

We used to shoot people for this type of behavior.

The Flynn incident was unfortunate. He was obviously a visionary military leader and an asset in the movement to give America back to the people. But he lied. He lied to the Vice President Mike Pence. Of course, he could no longer be in his position.

There is a treasonous element in our midst. It exists within the government set up by Barack Hussein Obama. They do not care about the safety of our country. They care about their own power and political agenda. They also exist within the establishment wing of the Republican Party.

They need to be jailed.

I hope the president can find the right people to do this. The future our nation and our children depends on it.

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