- The Washington Times - Thursday, February 2, 2017

Reddit on Wednesday purged the website of two high-profile communities associated with the so-called alt-right, spurring cries of censorship from within the fringe conservative movement.

“This community has been banned,” reads a message that now appears upon attempt to visit either of the two “subreddits,” r/altright and r/alternativeright.

Regarding r/altright, the more popular of the pair, Reddit claimed the community was shuttered Wednesday for violating the website’s policy against “the proliferation of personal and confidential information,” according to the shutdown notice.

“We are very clear in our site terms of service that posting of personal information can get users banned from Reddit and we ask our communities not to post content that harasses or invites harassment,” Reddit said in a statement.

“We have banned r/altright due to repeated violations of the terms of our content policy,” the statement said. “There is no single solution to these issues and we are actively engaging with the Reddit community to improve everyone’s experience.”

Reddit did not give examples of specific violations, nor was an explanation offered with respect to the abrupt shuddering of r/alternativeright.

“Reddit is the proud home to some of the most authentic conversations online,” its statement said. “We strive to be a welcoming, open platform for all by trusting our users to maintain an environment that cultivates genuine conversation and adheres to our content policy.”

According to a senior moderator of r/altright, the forum was “banned without notification or justification.”

“So much for leftist tolerance,” a subreddit moderator known as Bill Simpson told The Daily Beast. “Our moderator team enforced stricter standards of behavior than reddit requires, and our users were very prompt at reporting violations so we could ban violators and delete posts and comments that broke the rules.

“It’s clear that Reddit banned us because we were becoming very popular and spreading inconvenient truths about who’s ruining our country and robbing our children of a future,” the moderator said. “The AltRight represents tens of millions of decent white Americans who want their neighborhoods, schools, institutions and country back. We are the decent people and we will no longer tolerate the anti-white establishment or be denied an identity.”

More than 16,000 Reddit users subscribed to r/altright before Wednesday’s sudden suspension, according to a cached version of the community. “Alt-Right promotes White Identity and White Nationalism,” reads an explanation for the ideology posted on r/altright subreddit prior to Wednesday’s shutdown.

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