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Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the brutal villain Negan on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” has spoken out on a controversy involving a T-shirt inspired by his character on the zombie action-drama, Entertainment Weekly reported Thursday.

“Holy crap people are stupid,” Mr. Morgan tweeted Wednesday, linking to a story at TheWrap.com about a retailer in the United Kingdom pulling a T-shirt after complaints it was racially offensive.

The T-shirt in question shows a baseball bat laced with barbed wire with the schoolyard rhyme “Eeny meeny miny moe.”

In the popular AMC program, Mr. Morgan’s character Negan recites the rhyme when he picks out his next victim to bludgeon to death.

In U.S. schoolyards, students know the rhyme as continuing “catch a tiger by his toe,” but when it was originally created, it used an offensive term for a black person, irate customer Ian Lucraft complained to Primark in a letter, the Warwick Courier newspaper reported Tuesday.

On the program, Negan uses the term tiger, not the offensive N-word.

As Entertainment Weekly observed, the controversy is puzzling in part because it’s surfacing so long after the “catch a tiger” rhyme was depicted on an April episode of “The Walking Dead” and there appears to have been no outrage at the time about the use of the rhyme on the program.

“[N]ow, 10 months later, with a random customer spying a T-shirt in Sheffield, suddenly this is a thing,” said the magazine.


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