- - Sunday, February 26, 2017


The media and others complain about our new president because he doesn’t do things the way previous presidents did things. Well, that’s a good thing.

President Trump has made mistakes. At least we know he is doing something and not sitting around looking at polls and focus groups. The media and liberals complain about what Mr. Trump has been trying to do. He said before he was elected that he would be doing these things, so what is the uproar about?

It is a refreshing change to see someone in office make good on campaign promises. Mr. Trump’s opponents are not used to this; instead, they are used to the way politicans usually conduct themselves. Failure to keep promises is exactly why other countries have been unimpressed by past U.S. presidents. It’s how America lost her superiority.

Mr. Trump has an in-depth understanding of the most common leadership issues. This combined with his broad international leadership experience can help our country accelerate growth and improve efficiency while aligning strategic, cultural and country needs.


Chesapeake, Va.



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