- - Tuesday, January 17, 2017


After World War II, the two countries whose governments were totally destroyed by the war — Germany and Japan — were the two countries which, upon rebuilding to new order, succeeded best economically.

The forest fire that ushers in the healthier forest; the migrant move for work and opportunity, or simply more decent, livable weather; the house move that results in de-clutter— here we find hope represented in change.

It appears that the election of Donald Trump truly offers a chance to change American welfare-state politics. Consider that such politics is based on the Marxist concept of fulfillment of need. No surprise that consumption should direct so many lives. No surprise that justice should be corrupted to law as means.

The progressive experiment is a petri dish that breeds corruption, waste and subjugation. It’s high time to clean out the lab. The political hacks who obstruct this opportunity should be voted out of office, and the leftist zealots who embrace lying, violence and lawlessness should be held accountable for their uncivilized behavior.


San Francisco



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