- - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

House Speaker Paul Ryan has seen fit to fire a shot across the president-elect’s bow regarding illegal immigrants (“Paul Ryan rules out Donald Trump’s ‘deportation force,’” Web, Jan. 12). He’s a traitor to his party and to all the Democrats and Republicans who voted for Donald Trump. He’s put the wishes of his donors above those of 95 million unemployed Americans who can’t find employment because of illegal competition for American jobs. He wants us to believe that those who disrespect our borders, break our laws, abstain from our taxes, assault our citizens and encumber our medical and education systems have more of a right to our jobs than Americans do.

I request that Mr. Trump and each of the states propose an amendment convention establishing term limits for congressmen and senators as soon as possible. It’s your call, Mr. Speaker, but you’re bucking “We the People” of the United States. I only hope you are stupid or stubborn enough to inspire us to immediately pass term limits.


Littleton, Col.

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