- - Monday, July 10, 2017


When the recent Trump-Putin meeting ran overtime, first lady Melania Trump, at the request of “U.S. officials,” tried to break it up and failed. The two men enjoyed a full exchange of views. Perhaps this will be conducive to world peace.

In 1914 a similar opportunity was lost. Two months prior to World War I, President Woodrow Wilson’s chief adviser, Col. Edward House, enjoyed an animated conversation with the German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II. The kaiser impressed House as having “all the versatility of [Theodore] Roosevelt with something more of charm, something less of force.” When the conversation ran overtime, Empress Augusta tried to break it up. Like Melania Trump, she failed, but House himself shortly thereafter ended the meeting, which had lasted about half an hour. Feeling he had said enough, the American, as reported in his memoirs, indicated his desire to leave by falling silent.

After the war, the former emperor, exiled in Holland, told an American visitor that the 1914 visit of Col. House had almost prevented the world war. One must wonder why House was in such a hurry.


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