- - Monday, July 17, 2017


To their everlasting shame, California and other liberal states have refused to release data on voters to President Trump’s voter fraud commission. This is understandable considering that the number of illegal aliens voting in our elections was recently estimated at 5.7 million. Illegal-alien voter fraud is undoubtedly the only way that Democrats can win with the country so evenly divided. That’s why they pander to illegals with welfare entitlements, sanctuary cities and open borders.

They keep telling us that there are only 11 million illegals in this country. I am sure that number is higher but even if it is correct it’s more than enough to throw an election. In fact, I suggest that as long as illegal aliens are legally allowed to vote in California and other states’ elections, those states should be excluded from federal elections until their voter rolls are cleared.

Considering the importance of the issues, I don’t think excluding law-breaking states from national elections is unreasonable. Disenfranchising American citizens while allowing foreigners to choose our leadership is a crime and should be treated as such.


Paso Robles, Calif.



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