- - Thursday, July 27, 2017


This week Sen. John McCain returned to the Senate to chastise his fellow senators for, among other things, listening to the loud, bombastic voices of talk radio. In so doing, Mr. McCain made clear that our problem isn’t talk radio, but is instead the swamp that is Washington.

Whereas there may well be some on talk radio who are loud and a few who are bombastic, the vast majority are not. And anyway it is not their volume or their tone that troubles Mr. McCain. It is their opinions. They expose Washington for what it is: a pit of vipers that lie to us regularly. Talk radio didn’t put the American people trillions of dollars in debt; Washington did. Talk radio didn’t bankrupt Social Security; Washington did. Talk radio didn’t destroy the American economy by the passage of oppressive tax and labor laws; Washington did. Finally, talk radio didn’t flood our country with millions of illegal immigrants, among whom are drug dealers, rapists, sex traffickers and terrorists; again, Washington did that.


Kingsville, Md.

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