- - Sunday, July 30, 2017

Last week in Fairfax people voted to erase the name of Confederate Army Gen. J.E.B. “Jeb” Stuart from a high school. Assisting in this, from a great distance, was celebrity Julianne Moore, who is apparently still offended and bothered by the name of her former high school from some 30-plus years ago. Most people leave high school behind when they leave to pursue other things in life, but evidently not Ms. Moore.

This sort of cultural cleansing that is going on by deeply “sensitive” people only succeeds in convincing me that despite our heroic history as a country, for these people, nothing can be learned from our past — and parents can be assured that indoctrination of their children will continue unabated. Perhaps they are threatened by teaching our history and allowing students to see what can be gained by the deaths of so many on both sides.

Our history is our history, good or bad, with plenty to be learned if people choose to use reason and integrity in their examination of the facts. Erasing people from our history will never achieve the ends these people hope for. Such methods were used all over the world in the past century to achieve despicable ends, and this is no different. These people will always be offended by something and their demands will continue unabated unless stopped by people with the courage to stand up and face them.



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