- - Monday, July 31, 2017


There is something to be said of President Trump’s tweet to keep transgender people out of the military (“Trump issues edict: Transgender troops will not serve in U.S. military,” Web, July 26). As a combat-wounded Marine Vietnam veteran and former law-enforcement officer I have dealt with just about every type of human being on the face of the planet. When it comes to people who are different from most (in this case, meaning heterosexuals) we must understand they are wired differently.

The fact that gays go against the heterosexual norm means that somewhere along the line there was a cross-circuiting of some sort. Otherwise they would be like everyone else. We must understand that many, though not all, people with a mental or physical conflict about who they are also have psychological issues. If these people want to be in the military and have the training to use weapons, they should be tested to see if they are mentally fit to handle the regimentation of military life.

I’ve met many gay people who in my estimation would be detriments, not assets, to the military. Transgender people take it to a different level.


Warrenville, S.C.



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