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Albert Einstein is generally regarded as one of the most brilliant men of the 20th century. His efforts to convince President Franklin D. Roosevelt to research and develop the atomic bomb almost certainly saved the lives of a million American servicemen and -women who would have perished in the planned invasion of Japan.

In addition, Einstein’s research and improvement of American torpedo technology greatly improved the effectiveness of our submarine-warfare efforts. His genius enabled him to conceptualize the beginning of atomic energy and nuclear research and technology. In short, the recognition of Einstein’s intelligence is well-deserved.

On the other hand, seeing him in person or in pictures of him, it is hard to see these great characteristics. His hair was often a mess. His clothing was odd-ball, to say the least, and his mannerisms were equally unusual. And yet he was a genius who greatly benefited America and the world. In a way, President Donald Trump reminds me of Einstein.

Mr. Trump is improving our nation’s military, as well as our foreign, economic and domestic affairs. America’s military is now stronger and many nations now trust us because he has kept his word, most clearly in Syria. The Islamic State’s strength and its terrorism has been greatly reduced. More than 50 Muslim-majority nations have vowed to fight terrorism and many have taken steps in that direction. Therefore, in view of his many significant accomplishments, I am willing to tolerate Mr. Trump’s childish tweets. My hope and prayer is that the president’s advisers will be able to convince him to tweet only his many accomplishments, nothing more.


East Windsor, N.J.

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