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Is climate change really caused by human activities? The truth is that we don’t know. What we do know is that there is a “consensus” among the advocates for man-made global warming based on studies using cherry-picked and manipulated data. We know from the University of East Anglia emails that the data is manipulated. These notes revealed that a “trick” was used to have the data support the conclusion of global warming. We also know from reporting on NOAA studies that the results were manipulated by the biased selection of the data used in the study.

These advocates of man-made global warming (a number of whom have scientific backgrounds) will point to the fact that these global-warming studies are peer reviewed. Just as “consensus” is the Holy Grail for politicians, peer review has become the scientific equivalent of “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Peers who object to the concept of global warming caused by human activity, or even those who are skeptical about it, are not called upon to submit reviews. All reviews are done by supporters of the man-made global warming theory.

We must address the issue of the veracity of the data behind the studies driving this theory. We need to require that any study using taxpayer funds provides all data for review — not just select data. Further, some of the taxpayer funds should go to studies done by scientists who have challenged or expressed doubt about the validity of man-made global warming. Finally, before any study can be considered as a basis for legislation or policy direction, at least one of every three peer reviews must be done by a qualified scientist who has publicly challenged the prevailing view that human activity is the cause of global warming.


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