- - Sunday, June 11, 2017


Seventy-three years ago, 19- and 20-year-old “men” saved the world from Nazi oppression and unfathomable evil. At 26, my father was older than most of his fellow soldiers, and among the first wave to hit the Normandy beaches. One out of every 10 was killed that day. Every soldier had a buddy who died. Only by the grace of God did Dad come home; otherwise I would not be here writing this letter.

My father and his compatriots were not fighting for political correctness or to prevent climate change, but rather to breathe freedom. Most were “shell-shocked” and had “combat fatigue,” today’s post-traumatic stress disorder. But no one paid attention to that. They had no choice but to live with their nightmares and demons in order to build a new America.

Unfortunately, as the years pass and history is revised, “D-Day” has faded from contemporary memory. I often wonder if the same age group today finds America worth the fight. If you believe the liberals’ fake news and the Democrats’ and RINOs’ mantra, you would think not.


Nantucket, Mass.



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