- - Sunday, June 18, 2017


The world is dying before our eyes as the forces of darkness and light collide on a daily basis. We have state-sponsored terrorism coming from countries such as Iran, North Korea and Syria. Behind closed doors Russia and China plot to bring chaos and death to humanity while pretending, publicly, they are for peace.

The assault on our congressional leaders is one more reason to speak out and tell the world that everyone is in the same boat. There are simple-minded people influenced by hatred. From childbirth, children from different cultures are taught that anyone who doesn’t think and act as they do are bad people and need to be destroyed.

Thanks to the “progressive,” liberal society in America, God has taken a backseat to people’s right to believe in a power that is outside of themselves. The anarchists, liars and cheats have screamed the loudest, intimidating the masses into believing that their way is the right way.

Whom do we blame? The naysayers refuse to believe that eight years of President Obama is part of the cause of our country’s demise. Rule of law went out the window. Lying was the new order of the day. Dirty deals with Iran behind closed doors and ‘reset buttons’ with Russia are despicable.

When our former FBI director gave Hillary Clinton a pass on all of her wrongdoing, the simple-minded cheered in the streets, thinking it was normal and fair, while those defenders of the law went unheard in their complaints.

We as a nation are the leaders against the haters of peace. With the new leadership under President Trump we have half a chance to bring order back to the world. It’s time support our president and show those who are raised to hate and destroy that there is a better way to live.


Warrenville, S.C.

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