- The Washington Times - Friday, June 2, 2017

Comedian Kathy Griffin said Friday that President Trump is trying to personally target her and her career.

“A sitting president of the U.S. … is personally trying to ruin my life forever,” Ms. Griffin, flanked by her lawyers, said at a press conference.

Earlier in the week, Ms. Griffin posted a photo of her holding the bloodied, severed head of the president, causing enormous uproar on social media. The incident is also being investigated by the Secret Service.

She said that while her apology stands, the threats against her are serious and dangerous, and she believes she’s receiving them because of her gender.

“Regarding the image that I participated in — that apology stands. I feel horrible,” Ms. Griffin said.

“The death threats that I’m getting are serious,” she said. “This is a woman thing.”

The comedian added that she has lost deals as a result of the backlash, and predicted that her career was over, saying Mr. Trump “broke” her.




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