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If the anti-Trump fever the media keeps telling us all about cannot break through in Georgia’s 6th District, then it truly is nothing but a phantom that exists nowhere but in the minds of media elites hysterically trying to will President Trump out of existence.

Georgia’s 6th, famous for birthing the political career of a wonky professor named Newton Leroy Gingrich, is now a bastion of establishment, conservative Republicanism. It went for Francois Mitterand Romney by 23 points in 2012.

In 2016 Trump carried the district by just a single point.

Georgia’s 6th is not Trump country. But somehow, after losing their shirts in Virginia, Montana and Kansas, the deranged media has now decided that if an establishment Republican loses in Georgia’s 6th, then it is somehow a rebuke of Donald Trump.

The same Donald Trump that those Georgia voters never liked very much to begin with.

With so much ink and pixels devoted to the media’s obsession with the anti-Trump fever, the real story is once again completely missed here.

The story that the deranged media refuses to cover is all the Bern victims stacking up in the Democratic Party. I mean, seriously, what is it about an endorsement from socialist Bernie Sanders that has become the kiss of death for politicians?

Of course, most famously, there was his own juggernaut campaign that self-immolated during the Democratic primary last year after Hillary Clinton’s henchmen (and henchwomen) rigged the system against him.

So call Bernie Sanders “Bern Victim #1.”

Then there was socialist Mr. Sanders’ eventual pick in the general election, Mrs. Clinton. Bern Victim #2.

In May, socialist Mr. Sanders rode out west to Montana to campaign for the media’s latest heartthrob evidence of anti-Trump fever: nudist cowboy guitarist Rob Quist.

Remember this one? It was supposed to be Mr. Trump’s Waterloo. His last stand. Final FINAL proof that Mr. Trump’s presidency was finished.

In the end, the Republican beat Mr. Quist handily. But not before beating up a reporter on the night before the election. Which may or may not have accounted for the Republican’s margin of victory.

Bern Victim #4.

Of course, this did not quiet the media jackals from baying about the end of Mr. Trump any more than would the Republican victory in Kansas a few weeks later.

Apparently incapable of shame, socialist Mr. Sanders then shuffled down to Virginia to endorse Tom Perriello in Virginia. But Hillary’s henchpeople were already at it, rigging the state’s Democrat machine for establishment pick Ralph Northam.

Mr. Perriello had tremendous grass-roots support. But he got shellacked by more than 10 points.

Bern Victim #5.

Across the aisle, meanwhile, Republican Corey Stewart was campaigning entirely as a clone of Mr. Trump. Pollsters gave him little chance of breaking 20 percent in the race.

In the end, though, establishment Republican Ed Gillespie wound up beating Mr. Stewart by barely more than one point, 44 percent to 43 percent. In other words, the deranged media and the pollsters had yet again totally failed to count the support of Trump supporters.

By 25 points.

Bern Victim #6: The media.

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