- - Monday, June 26, 2017

Did you know that President Trump has introduced themes for weeks past that emphasize his objectives and his efforts to move the country forward?

For example, there was “Workforce Development Week.” Did anyone read all the great articles about how Mr. Trump is encouraging and helping to fund education and training programs to develop our workforce? Of course not — because the mainstream media didn’t mention it. You had to read outside publications or the White House website to even discover that was happening. The mainstream media was too busy pushing the Russia-collusion story. What Mr. Trump was actually doing wasn’t salacious enough for the “journalists” out there.

Then there was “Infrastructure Week.” Again, anyone remember this one? Mr. Trump again focused on programs to rebuild our roads, bridges, factories, airports, etc., promising government programs to jump-start and help fund the promises he made during his campaign. It was barely mentioned in the press, as our reporters were again focused on the Trump-Russia investigation. That was much sexier.

Now we are going into “Energy Week,” in which the president is pushing becoming independent of the Middle East and Venezuela for our oil. We are just now starting to export our oil and natural gas. Mr. Trump is also emphasizing alternative sources of energy, including nuclear, solar, geothermal and wind. Be on the lookout for any mention of this program in the press, but good luck finding it.

It’s time for the left and those that have hopped aboard the anti-Trump bandwagon to accept the fact that Mr. Trump won the election and allow him to put forth his ideas to make the country better. Liberals adding an idea or making suggestions to improve his programs constructively would also be a huge step in the right direction.



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