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London is in chaos. And the left’s response to this latest Islam-tied terror attack on innocence and the West?

Condemn President Donald Trump — not the terrorists.

It’s such a skewed, dangerous way of thinking. Here’s how it goes.

Lisa Monaco, former Homeland Security adviser in Barack Obama’s White House, went on national television in the wake of the weekend terror attack that left seven dead and 48 injured, and spoke of Trump’s travel ban — the one that simply halts travelers from six known terror hot spots in the world from entering U.S. borders for a period of 90 days.

On CNN’s “New Day,” she said, in part: “I joined a group of bipartisan national security officials to criticize this ban, both its predecessor and the current one, because I don’t think from a national security encounter terrorism perspective, it gets at the problem,” The Hill reported.


Slice away the fancy words — the “national security encounter terrorism perspective” bureau-speak — and what Monaco’s saying is that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.

That’s not that surprising, given the man she worked for in the White House never could string together the words “Islamic” and “terrorist” while referencing obvious cases of Islamic terrorism. But what she said next is just shocking — to those of sane thinking, anyway.

“And indeed,” Monaco went on, speaking of Trump’s ban, “it could make it worse.”

This is simply not true.

Think about it. How can a ban on travelers from terror hotspots coming to America spark more terror — at least in America? As if terrorists aren’t already doing their thing. As if they’re just sitting around, twirling thumbs, waiting for somebody to shut down borders before springing into action and announcing madly, “Bingo! We’ve got a target now!”

As if terrorists’ Muslim religion and Islamic beliefs weren’t already driving them to attack the West — to attack Jews, to attack Christians, to attack all those of other faiths, cultures and beliefs that aren’t approved by Allah.

Susan Rice — another Obama mouthpiece, who served in the previous administration as a national security adviser — said similarly.

“There is really no evidence to suggest that by banning Muslims, or banning Muslims from a particular set of six countries, that we would make ourselves here in the United States safer,” she said during an appearance on “This Week” on ABC. “And that’s, I believe, one of the major reasons why the courts thus far have been very skeptical of the travel ban.”

This woman just breathes out lies.

First, she boldly lies, by characterizing Trump’s ban as against Muslims — knowing full well his executive order never says anything of Muslims, but only names six nations that are known terror spots. It’s not Trump’s fault those terror spots happen to have large Muslim populations.

Then, Rice echoes the deceptive claim that has become the left’s talking point — the one that suggests clamping down borders doesn’t really keep people from entering the United States.

Rice’s third lie?

“There is really no evidence to suggest …” — a statement she throws in there to confuse and distract, to make an apples comparison to a orange issue. The truth is: Nobody’s banning Muslims — but if they were banning Muslims, of course there’s no “evidence” to support banning Muslims works, because nobody’s ever banned Muslims before.

There are six things the Lord hates, seven which are an abomination — and one of them being a lying tongue. 

But this is the woman who breathed out a similarly egregious, offensive set of lies in the aftermath of the Islamic terror attack on America’s compound in Benghazi that left four — including our U.S. ambassador — dead, an attack that she insisted was due to a YouTube video that Muslims perceived as critical of their faith. The fact the attack came on the anniversary of Sept. 11? Coincidental, in Rice’s mind.

This leftist way of thinking isn’t just illogical. It’s downright dangerous. It gets people killed.

And if Trump’s travel ban is shot down by the Supreme Court, here’s a prediction to take to the bank: The terror threat to America, in America, on America’s soil, will ratchet, nearly overnight. Terrorists will feel emboldened by the court wins.

Leftists will feel emboldened to press forward their open borders’ visions.

America will become the next London, the next Paris, the next Berlin. America will be a sitting duck with a leftist welcome wagon to terrorists, led by a president who may be bold in nature, and right in principle — but nonetheless, weakened by the courts. It won’t be long before the Islamic terror really hits home.

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