- - Thursday, June 8, 2017


I am totally flummoxed at the sheer stupidity of what I have just read (“Students berate professor who refused to participate in no-whites ‘Day of Absence,’” Web, May 25). This behavior does not constitute a “warning sign”; it is an avalanche.

Evergreen State College is a hippie school with no grades or majors. The news there is that “more than 50 faculty members penned an open letter … to open an investigation into biology professor Weinstein, blaming the campus unrest on his refusal to participate in a no-whites day on campus.” Really? Are we in the Twilight Zone? Did America disappear? How much chaos, injury and death do we think would follow a no-blacks or no-Hispanics day on campus? This is racism, pure and simple.

The story continues: “It was one of those experimental colleges created in the late 1960s with a declared intention of not having an organized curriculum in the usual sense: no courses, no grading, very few tests. There wasn’t much left for it to be other than an extension of social resentment and progressive ideology.” It goes on to discuss a “similar incident at Yale University in 2015 in which students shouted down a sociology professor” trying to defend an email his wife sent standing up for the right to wear inappropriate Halloween costumes. Well, we can solve that very quickly; everyone could go to this nonschool wearing ‘non-clothes.’

According to the Times piece, the students “barricaded themselves within the library and issued demands of the administration.” Shouldn’t the administration be issuing demands of the students?

I cannot believe there are parents inane enough to pay good money for their children to go somewhere in order to do nothing and learn nothing so that they can eventually become nothing.


Silver Spring



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