- - Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Washington has a bad case of whiplash. Barack Obama spent eight years pushing the nation toward the radical transformation that he couldn’t openly talk about. Now President Trump is attempting to stop that train in its tracks.

To put America back where most Americans think it belongs, he needs judicial confirmation that he is in sync with the Constitution and the way it has always been understood. That’s why his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is pivotal. Adding a constitutional conservative to the high court is essential to the nation’s health and security.

In the opening session of Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard Sen. Cory Gardner proclaim his fellow Coloradan “a guardian of the Constitution.” Therein lies the controversy. Republicans crave an originalist in the mold of the late Antonin Scalia, whose seat Judge Gorsuch would fill, to guard the Constitution, and Democrats think the Constitution needs no guardian. They want judges who will snip and trim the founding document to suit prevailing whims and fashionable fancies.

There’s a variety of highly charged political issues that periodically confront the court — abortion, religious liberty, property rights — and few are more crucial to the well-being of the nation than constitutional boundaries on immigration in general and the president’s restrictions on inbound travelers from terror-exporting nations in particular.

Hanging in the balance is whether America will continue to embody its past and present, or leave it all behind and leap headlong into an unknown future with no caution, no safeguard. President Trump’s so-called travel ban attempts to preserve the nation in a recognizable form by first barring the door to purveyors of chaos in behalf of radical Islamic terrorism. Evildoers freely announce their intention to infiltrate U.S. borders and unleash the mayhem that they have inflicted on Europe.

By executive order, the president has instructed ports of entry to temporarily restrict travelers from six mostly Muslim nations, with a history of exporting religious mayhem, for 90 days while developing methods to weed out migrants with bad intent. But federal judges wedded to the left’s ambitions to transform America have twice blocked the president’s order.

Clear constitutional authority to set restrictions on who is welcome in the nation has effectively been stripped from the president and placed in the hands of a few unelected judges. The breathtaking audacity of their usurpation confirms Mr. Bumble’s conclusion that sometimes “the law is a ass, a idiot,” as Dickens observed in “Oliver Twist.”

This leaves the president with no resource but to appeal, appeal, appeal until the case lands in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The deconstruction of the United States that Mr. Obama set in motion is underway. The current balance of the high court teeters ‘twixt liberal and conservative. There’s is no sure thing in either March Madness or judicial speculation, but with Judge Gorsuch on the bench the defenders of America as it is, with a constitutional shield firmly in place, would get a fair hearing in court.

Democrats are in full battle array to prevent this. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell must be willing to pull the trigger on the “nuclear option” and confirm the judge next month with a majority of 52 rather than the customary 60. If that’s what it takes to reclaim the president’s constitutional authority to be the president, then that’s what it takes. This is no time for Republicans to go wobbly.

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