- - Monday, March 27, 2017


California lawmakers are following the lead of a proposal from a New York City councilwoman and seeking to ban private construction companies that bid on building President Trump’s wall from doing further business with their state or city. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee called the wall “a strong symbolism of division in our country.” Forget symbolism; what about reality? On Long Island an MS-13 gang member who was deported four times was charged with the sexual assault of a two-year-old. After hearing this sick and sadistic crime against humanity, how can anyone with a conscience not be in favor of the wall to protect law-abiding American citizens?

Mr. Trump orchestrated the greatest political upset of all time — crushing both the Bush and Clinton dynasties along the way — by running on the platform that he’d build a wall on our southern border and put an end to this foreign invasion of illegal aliens who commit atrocities and rob us blind by gaming the welfare system.

Now the liberal response is to not comply with the will of the people, but rather punish businesses for trying to thrive and obstructing the enforcement of existing law.

What if the silent majority that voted for Mr. Trump were to unite and punish the estimated 500 “sanctuary cities” across the United States by boycotting them until they comply with the law of the land? After all, how safe can these places be if they go out of their way to make themselves worry-free zones for predators, illegal-alien gang- bangers and criminals? A law-abiding citizen would have to be crazy to unnecessarily put themselves in that kind of danger.


Medford, N.Y.



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