- - Thursday, May 11, 2017


If Hillary Clinton’s excuse tour is wearing thin, it’s because she learned from the best. Another losing Democratic presidential campaign means self-serving leaks from Bill Clinton, this time at his own wife’s expense. The former president always manages an I-told-you-so moment to unsuccessful Democratic candidates.

Bill Clinton forcefully scolded Al Gore post-election in 2000, when his own boundless selfishness had him clinging to office and then expecting a role in the campaign. An honorable man would have resigned (and Gore surely would have won unambiguously). Like a playground “ball hog,” however, Clinton’s alleged political genius on the stump always came with a downside, a demand for gratitude and an excessive focus on him.

Bill Clinton let it be known that he advised John Kerry from his hospital bed in 2004. Now he indirectly tells uncritical couriers in the new book “Shattered” that he told Hillary to focus on the economy and swing states but to no avail. He was a helpless bystander in his own wife’s implosion, apparently, outmaneuvered by thirty-something campaign manager Robby Mook. But he’s not shy about post-mortems that show his prescience all along.

Hillary Clinton now has her own revisionism to advance: that she was done in by a diabolical Russian-FBI-misogynist cabal (presumably vaster than the right-wing conspiracy she identified in early days of the Lewinsky saga). If the Clinton family’s scapegoating is predictable, the Democratic Party cannot figure out that it has existed to serve the Clintons for 25 years now. Since 1996, they have (mercifully) not been effective in national general elections. It’s time they moved on. The former president has recently announced he’s taking up fiction writing. They’ve been peddling fiction all along.


Burke, Va.



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