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The Communist People’s Republic of China sponsors over 100 Confucius institutes at universities across America. The institutes offer only official Communist government-censored information.

The vast Chinese military buildup and Mao’s mass murder of 60 million people cannot be mentioned. Neither is China’s expansion of power in the South China Sea and fortification of the Spratly Islands reportable. The Tiananmen Square massacre is never mentioned or allowed to be discussed. Taiwan and Tibet are only described as outlying parts of the People’s Republic of China. The Dalai Lama cannot be mentioned. Secret labor camps at which over 7 million political prisoners are kept under horrific conditions and suffer torturous death are censored. The sale of body parts of Falun Gong members and Christians is not allowed to be discussed.

Confucius institutes sponsor official tours to China for American students during which only censored information and places to see are provided. Chinese foreign students are sponsored through the institutes to come in large numbers to America. Universities, including Columbia, Stanford and many smaller ones now depend on Chinese funds for themselves and to pay for Confucius institutes and programs. American instructors at the institutes only teach official Chinese Communist Party-approved history and propaganda.

As President Trump develops much better relations with China, in part because of threats from North Korea, a long-time Chinese ally, the Confucius institutes will expand greatly, buy extensive influence and provide to Americans only information the Chinese government wants us to know.


U.S. Marine Corps (retired)

Arlington, Virginia

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