- - Tuesday, May 16, 2017


After months of investigations by the House, Senate and intelligence agencies, not a scintilla of evidence has surfaced that President Trump or his campaign staff colluded with Russia to win the presidential election. Still a daily cacophony of Democratic charges of collusion drowns the media. But even more remarkable is that no one has noticed the Brontosaurus in the room: Hillary Clinton said that if she were elected president she would proclaim a “no-fly zone” in Syria. That means the United States would shoot down Russian planes flying over Syria, a casus belli.

One cannot expect dictator Vladimir Putin to welcome choosing between humiliation in Syria and a nuclear war. Mr. Putin did not need Republican collusion to pull out all the stops to prevent Hillary’s election. Undoubtedly, Mr. Putin also hated the thought of a Trump presidency because Mr. Trump is unleashing America’s oil-and-natural-gas industries, which will drive down the price of Russia’s principal exports: oil and gas. But it’s better to be poor than to be nuked.





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