- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice slammed President Trump and his administration on Tuesday for their handling of foreign policy and direction of American leadership around the world.

“Since I left the White House, I’ve become deeply concerned that the U.S. is squandering one of our greatest strategic assets: America’s leadership of the world.” Ms. Rice explained at the liberal group Center for American Progress’ annual conference.

“It seems that the current administration looks at the world and sees only threats: immigrants, refugees, Muslims, Mexicans and even trade. It’s American first and the rest of the world last,” she said.

Ms. Rice also knocked Mr. Trump’s handling of the Islamic State terror group, quoting a line from one of his campaign ads when he claimed he would “bomb the hell out of ISIS.” The former Obama administration official also called out Mr. Trump for his use of Twitter, saying his wars online cannot turn into real warfare.

“So instead of simply vowing to bomb the ‘bleep’ out of ISIL, we must use our full arsenal including cutting off its finances, discrediting extremism online and helping stabilize fragile states,” Ms. Rice said.

“We can’t allow Twitter wars to become shooting wars. So instead of vacillating between reckless saber-rattling and dubbing Kim Jong-un a ‘smart cookie,’ we should steadily apply increased pressure on North Korea,” she said.

Ms. Rice was part of a scandal earlier this year for reportedly “unmasking” names of Americans mentioned in intelligence reports regarding Mr. Trump’s presidential transition and leaking them to the press. Although she refused to testify in front of a Senate Intelligence subcommittee, Ms. Rice has denied leaking any information.



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