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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Here is a look and some of the winning and losing bills of the 2017 session of the Tennessee General Assembly:


ABORTION BAN-20 WEEKS: Enforces a 20-week abortion ban if the fetus is deemed viable. HB1189

AMUSEMENT PARK RIDES: Tightens amusement park safety regulations in aftermath of two accidents last year. SB430

CALIFORNIA TRAVEL BAN: Criticizes California for banning official travel to states that passed laws considered anti-LGBT and calls for avoiding “escalating foolishness.” SJR111

CAMPAIGN INVESTMENTS: Prevents campaign funds from being invested in private companies. SB377

CONFEDERATE GENERAL-TENNESSEE. Resolution touting the achievements of the Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, an early leader of the Ku Klux Klan. HR97

CHARTER SCHOOLS: Requires charter schools to be evaluated based on their performance to prevent low-quality schools from opening. HB0310

FREE TUITION: Extends the Tennessee Promise free community college tuition program to adults. HB1111

GENDER DEFINITION: Requires words in Tennessee law to be interpreted as having their “natural and ordinary” meaning, potentially including husband, wife, father and mother.

IN GOD WE TRUST PLATES: Gives car owners the option of license plates with phrase “In God We Trust” on them. HB26

GUN-FREE ZONES: Requires cities and counties to allow guns in public buildings if they aren’t protected by metal detectors or security guards. SB445

GUN SILENCERS: Ends Tennessee’s firearm silencer ban in the name of “hearing protection.” HB11

GUNS IN BOATS: Allows loaded guns to be stored in boats without a carry permit. HB688

GUNS-BACKGROUND CHECKS: Eliminates background check requirements for gun dealers selling personal firearms. SB384

HOSPITAL ASSESSMENT: Renews the annual 4.5 percent assessment fee on state hospitals to draw down $811 million federal Medicaid money. SB214

IMMIGRANT SENTENCING: Lets a judge consider tougher sentencing for someone who was in the country illegally at the time of the offense. SB1260.

IMPROVE ACT: Raises fuel taxes to pay for road and bridge projects while cutting taxes in the areas. HB534

LAWMAKER TRAVEL: Requires state lawmakers to disclose details of expense-paid travels. SB327

MARIJUANA-LOCALS: Strips Nashville and Memphis of the power to ease punishment for marijuana possession. HB173

NUCLEAR SECURITY: Authorizes deadly force by nuclear security officers. SB220

OVERNIGHT BARS: Allows two Nashville bars to sell alcohol for 23 hours of the day. SB705

PROTESTS-EMERGENCY VEHICLES: Punishes protesters who obstruct passage of emergency vehicles. SB902

RURAL BROADBAND: Improves access to broadband internet in rural areas, though at slower rate than introduced. SB1215

SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS: Requires school bus drivers be at least 25 and undergo state-approved training and mandates each school system have a transportation supervisor. HB0322

SIGN LANGUAGE CREDIT: Requires that students who take American Sign Language be given credit for their foreign language requirements. SB524

SOCCER STADIUM: Dedicates state sales taxes collected at a proposed Major League Soccer stadium in Nashville to city’s sports authority. HB6

UNDERAGE LICENSES: Requires Tennesseans under age 21 to be issued driver’s licenses in a vertical formal. SB384


ABORTION BAN-HEARTBEAT: Would have banned abortions after the first detected heartbeat. SB244

ABSENTEE VOTING: Would have let Tennesseans vote absentee for any reason. SB422

ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION: Would have ended a 40-year-old state law granting legitimacy to children conceived through artificial insemination. HB1406

CHURCH CAMPAIGNS: Would have exempted churches from campaign spending disclosures on issues of “public or private morality.” SB403

CLOSED PRIMARIES: Would have ended Tennessee’s open primary system. SB772

EDUCATION ACCOUNTS: Would have let parents use public money to customize their children’s education. SB395

FOOD STAMPS: Would have banned the use of food stamps to buy items without nutritional value like ice cream and sodas. HB43

FUNDRAISING LIMITS: Would have doubled the amount of money lawmakers can raise for their campaigns. HB16

GUN CARRY: Would have eliminated requirement to obtain permits to carry handguns in public. SB147

GUN PERMIT FINES: Would have reduced penalties and fines for carrying handguns in public without a permit. HB1176

IMMIGRANT TUITION: Would have offered in-state tuition rates to students whose parents brought them or kept them in the country illegally. HB863

JAMES K. POLK’S BODY: Would have called for the body of President James K. Polk to be exhumed and moved to Columbia. SJR141

JUDICIAL ELECTIONS: Would have required nonpartisan judicial elections in Nashville and Memphis. SB135

JURY DUTY: Would have exempted people older than 72 years from jury duty. SB208

MARIJUANA POSSESSION: Would have reduced penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana. SB265

NON-CITIZEN LICENSES: Would have required words “Alien” or “Non-U.S. Citizen” on driver’s licenses for people without permanent residency status. HB222

OPEN CONTAINER: Would have banned open alcohol containers for passengers in vehicles traveling on Tennessee roads. HB532

POLITICAL INTIMIDATION: Would have made it a felony to deface property or threaten injury based on political beliefs. SB0336

POW FLAG-CAPITOL: Would have required the POW-MIA flag to be flown above the Capitol year-round. SB125

PROTESTERS-LIABILITY: Would have protected drivers from lawsuits if they hit protesters who are blocking traffic. HB668

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Would have required the state attorney general to defend clerks who refuse to follow the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling. SB752

SANCTUARY CITIES: Would have banned sanctuary cities in Tennessee. SB155

SCHOOL BUS SEATBELTS: Would have required new school buses to come equipped with seat belts beginning in 2019. HB395

SCHOOL VOUCHERS: Would have created a pilot school voucher program in Shelby County. SB161

SHORT-TERM RENTAL: Would have prohibited Nashville government from banning short-term rentals.SB1086

SUBURBAN LAWMAKERS: Would have allowed lawmakers from within 50 miles of the Capitol to be reimbursed for hotel stays. HB1139

SUNDAY LIQUOR: Would have ended the state’s ban on Sunday sales of wine and liquor. HB758

TEACHER UNION DUES: Would have allowed school districts to deduct up to 10 percent of union dues withheld on paychecks. HB356

TRAFFIC CAMERAS: Would have made names of drivers caught by traffic cameras confidential. HB779

TRANSGENDER BATHROOMS: Would have required transgender students to use restrooms and locker rooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates. HB888

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