- - Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The “deep state” has done everything imaginable to destroy a man, our president, any way it can. The entrenched dishonorable people within the government who have provided classified information to the mainstream media in this effort are symbolic of a broken government operating by the Obama/Clinton rules of extra-constitutional governance.

I’d like to ask all the politicians, the Trump-hating mainstream media and our liberal, leech society this: If you impeach this president, what do you think the millions of us who voted for him and stand with him now will do? Be silent and respectful of the process? Don’t kid yourselves, snowflakes. About a nanosecond after President Trump is impeached, this country will devolve into an armed civil war that will make the 1860s Civil War look like a schoolyard dust-up.

There are tens of millions of us sitting here quietly watching the hysteria created by the criminal Clinton “Resist” movement, Washington Post and New York Times, and facilitated by lying, agenda-driven leftist politicians. We won’t allow one hair on the president’s head to be touched by the establishment. We won’t go quietly into that dark night.


Virginia Beach, Va.



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