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President Frank Underwood is ready to rumble once again. Netflix has announced that the stylish, award-winning saga of a fictional president and his diabolical quest for power returns to the airways on May 30.

“The American people don’t know what’s best for them. I do. I know exactly who they need. They’re like little children. We have to hold their sticky fingers and wipe their filthy mouths, teach them right from wrong tell them what to think and how to feel, and what to want. Lucky for them they have me,” intones actor Kevin Spacey in a dramatic preview trailer.

He has played the character of Frank Underwood for the past four seasons, bolstered by a public relations outreach that have included fake political campaigns, complete with official websites and bumper stickers. Along with co-star Robin Wright — the first lady — Mr. Spacey has won a Golden Globe Award for the portrayal of his ambitious, often sinister character.

‘Underwood. 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036. One nation — Underwood,” the character advises in the preview.

Netflix describes the faux president as “a ruthless politician will stop at nothing to conquer Washington, D.C.”

And Claire and Frank Underwood, first couple?

“Their thirst for power is unquenchable. Crafting fake narratives and throwing away longtime allies are all part of the game for the Underwoods,” the producers say.

Though the details are scanty about the new episodes, political speculation about the series has already begun.

“Frank Underwood sounds scarier than Trump,” read a Huffington Post headline on Tuesday.

“It’s been more than a year since season 4 premiered back in March 2016, so fans have had a long time to reflect on an Underwood presidency. The US also got a new president in the interim between seasons, so it’ll be interesting to see how the current political climate will play out on Netflix’s most politically engaged show,” writes Lizzie Plaugic, an entertainment analyst for The Verge.

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