- - Sunday, May 21, 2017

On the one hand, Democrats are outraged over President Trump’s “treasonable” interactions with the Russians. On the other, their sympathetic minions in the CIA selectively leak classified material in an attempt to malign and scuttle Mr. Trump’s presidency. The hypocrisy is astounding. Too busy castigating Mr. Trump and colluding to pave a path to his impeachment, the Democrats insist that the people’s business wait while they conduct their witch hunts.

I would suggest that the CIA personnel responsible for the deliberate release of confidential materials in order to defame a sitting president they just don’t like be rooted out and hung up by their buster browns. They are traitors and scoundrels deserving nothing less than prosecution and incarceration.

As for the Democrats, I’m not certain a worse future could be devised than the one they’ve created for themselves. There’s nothing much to grab onto in the swirling, spinning vortex above the drain. The cursing and screaming gets pretty loud and it becomes difficult to make sense of the meld of panic, confusion and recrimination. Not to worry; I had the drain cleaned last week and it’ll get quiet directly.


Leonardtown, Md.

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