- - Wednesday, May 3, 2017


If there’s anything you can learn from Democrats, it’s how to promote solidarity and unify on an issue — even if said issue is only good for them, and wrong for our constitutional republic. The Democratic Party stands together. On the other hand, the GOP now has the White House and Congress, yet unity behind the man who thoroughly demolished his opposition and brought them all to the point of ascendency is nowhere to be seen. The Republican Party obviously lacks the unifying ‘gene’ in their political DNA.

Watching President Trump struggling with his own party’s rank and file is sort of like watching a mother push one of those kiddie shopping carts with the phony steering wheels. Our president is trying to fill America’s ‘cart’ with healthy political ‘groceries,’ but the legislators of his party seated in the cart behind those disconnected steering wheels are all begging for free ‘cookies’ while screaming directions and honking.

Sadly for Americans, the Republicans just can’t seem to master political maneuvering as a cohesive unit, let alone march in step to a single drummer.


Columbia, S.C.



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