- - Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Thinking about the changes I’ve seen in my lifetime, a significant factor has been the growth of the U.S. population from 117 million in 1926 to more than 320 million in recent years. As I travel the roadways in my area, at almost any time of the day traffic is bumper-to-bumper. I suspect the same condition exists in metropolitan areas throughout the nation. It is evident that we don’t need more people. Thus amnesty for illegal aliens would seem to be counterproductive.

I remember when, other than movie theaters, all we had for entertainment were four local radio stations. Today there are nearly 2000 television channels. When I was a youngster my family made operator-assisted phone calls from a party line. We sometimes had to wait for the other party to hang up before we could make a call.

The proposed minimum wage of $15 per hour is 42.5 times the 35 cents-per-hour I was paid for part-time work as a teenager, whereas the price of gasoline and bread is now only about 20 times what it was then. That would seem to be progress.



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