- - Wednesday, May 31, 2017


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is an embarrassment to the world. Her statement that the United States is no longer a reliable partner is a demonstration of both arrogance and ignorance, and just happened to coincide with the American celebration of Memorial Day, the remembrance of our fallen soldiers. For the record, Ms. Merkel, the United States experienced over 900,000 casualties defeating your country, Germany, in World Wars I and II. Your gratitude for our successful efforts to liberate Europe from Germany twice in the past 100 years is sadly lacking.

Has Germany ever been a reliable partner with the United States? The answer is no. Its troops even fought against America in our Revolutionary War to gain our freedom from England. And today it is trying to get a free ride on the backs of American taxpayers because it does not pay the required two percent of GDP to help finance NATO.


Scottsdale, Ariz.



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