- - Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Chinese government has long been concerned about American naval power sailing close to its shores and the associated nuclear deterrence it provides in the region, along with a powerful conventional capability. This explains the focus of the Chinese military on a ‘carrier killer’ missile capability to render the carrier battle group to the dustbin of history.

North Korea has joined the fray and tested a missile this week that could possibly be an ABSM, or anti-ship ballistic missile. The KN-17 is Kim Jong-un’s attempt to replicate the Chinese weapon, a ballistic missile that hits a moving target at high velocity with associated massive damage.

The missile seems a variant of the Hwasong-6, a modified Scud missile of North Korea’s design. The weapon has a range of 310 miles and can be armed with a 2,000 warhead, cluster munitions, or chemical/nuclear weapons, reports Popular Mechanics. The missile has fins near the nose to allow for changing the course of the missile to hit a moving target.

The North Korean state news services have bragged about the accuracy of missile, as accurate as GPS guided systems. However, this is doubtful as the North does not have the supporting facilities such as radar and communications capability to support this type of projectile.



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