- - Tuesday, May 9, 2017


The presidential election in France highlights the recent shift from a Europe of patriarchal nation states to an open border and a criminally tolerant, matriarchal form of government. This shift to matriarchy gained dominance following one of history’s deadliest periods in humankind, one which ended in the slaughter of 50 million Europeans during World War II. Currently matriarchal rule supports open-border immigration, government nanny-state policies and social feminism.

The problem with this shift is that matriarchal societies don’t survive against patriarchal aggressiveness. Europe is reminded of this reality with the recent mass immigration of a very patriarchal and aggressive Islamist population. Even though these new immigrants are few and socially barbaric compared to their European hosts, their aggressive nature is ruling the day. Feminist Sweden is already caving to this minority population by advising native women not to leave their houses at night for fear of assaults. France has entire neighborhoods where the police don’t even attempt to enter. German media won’t even publish incidents of rape and harassment by the newly arrived as jihad continues to rage throughout the continent.

With the election of Emmanuel Macron, will France continue down its current path or reverse course and begin facing its problem of social patriarchal protectionism?


Lutherville-Timonium, Md.



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