- - Sunday, November 12, 2017

The first thing you have to get your head around is that health care is not about health (“Doctors fear obesity diagnosis will embarrass patients,” Web, Nov. 7). Health insurance is in fact “disease” insurance, and only rarely does it have anything to do with your health. Doctors have not been trained to promote health, do not have a clue as to how to do so and basically are where they are because of the ability to perform well on exams and ultimately to learn to diagnose disease and then match that disease to a menu of drugs. This is what a patient pays for. If you raise your expectations, you are going to be disappointed in a big way.

The ACTION survey discussed in this article was financed by a drug company. The pharmaceutical industry in general has a huge financial stake in chronic disease but no stake in health. Why would they? Health obviates the need for drugs and procedures, and it plunders the bottom line of a drug company. Studies such as this one are good public relations, however. They give the appearance of public responsibility, which diverts your attention from the pharmaceutical companies’ financial model of racketeering. Crime pays and it pays big time. Just check out the sordid history of weight-loss drugs as one example.

The medical profession, as trained and manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry, constantly claims “evidence-based” medicine. The simple fact is that the cost (court judgements) of corrupting the evidence base is orders of magnitude less than the financial return resulting from that corruption. The drug company controls the evidence.

If you think good science has led to the current obesity problem, you are dead wrong. And don’t be fooled by the obesity rate in Japan (3.4 percent). They are skinny but quickly losing the ability to control their blood-sugar levels, and your doctor does not have a clue. Where “big U.S. food” goes, so follows Big Pharma.



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