- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Actress Mayim Bialik says she loathes Thanksgiving because it’s “one of the grossest examples of genocide in recent history.”

The “Big Bang Theory” star — who has an expansive social media presence across her website Grok Nation, another 2.3 million Instagram fans, and 304,000 subscribers on YouTube — offered up “4 Reasons I Don’t Like Thanksgiving,” a video which included a retelling of America’s past, echoing Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States.”

“The truth is, European invaders came to this land, took it from the indigenous people, raped, pillaged, gave them all sorts of diseases, called it their own, and desecrated a culture,” the actress said, the Daily Wire reported Tuesday. “It is one of the grossest examples of genocide in recent history and much as I don’t want to think about that, it’s really hard for me not to think about that when I think about Thanksgiving.”

Ms. Bialik, a vegan, also lamented the “killing an animal and laying its carcass and eating the skin and the flesh of it.”

Her other reasons for disliking Thanksgiving include the idea that some Americans celebrate “excessive” eating, along with its timing in relation to Jewish holidays.

Fans did not hesitate to voice their displeasure in YouTube’s comments section.

“Wow, you must be fun at parties. Don’t wanna turkey? Don’t eat one!” wrote one viewer. “Don’t wanna be thankful for abundance of the harvest season? Don’t celebrate … anything!”

“I think Hitler killing and torturing millions of Jews is not only more recent but far more gross as they piled up dead bodies in huge piles before buying them in mass graves,” added another.

The Daily Wire, which is run by Ben Shapiro, blasted Ms. Bialik for disseminating “common parlance among leftists and the brainwashed public.”

The website the linked to a counter-point video by Prager U titled “What’s The Truth About The First Thanksgiving?”

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