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Donald Trump, reportedly stung when his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, was said to have called him a “moron,” struck back — as the president is wont to do — and snarked in a just-released Forbes article that of the two, it’s his own presidential self who’s actually the smarter.

Let’s hope this is media-driven antics, or even “fake news,” as Trump suggested.

From CNN: “[Trump‘s] comment [in Forbes] underscores the volatility between the two men after multiple reports that their relationship has frayed over the secretary of state’s comment.”

Maybe. Obviously. But who really knows, right? Either way, this isn’t helping the conservative cause, guys.

Tillerson, earlier this month, was said to have referred to Trump as a “moron” during a summer gathering at the Pentagon. Tillerson didn’t deny using the word in reference to Trump, but did make clear that all between the two was well — that for those in the media looking to report on animosity, to turn around, go home, there was nothing there to see. Tillerson’s spokesperson at the State Department, meanwhile, had plenty to say about the moron remark.

In a press conference last week, Heather Nauert said of the matter: “The secretary does not use that type of language. The secretary did not use that type of language to speak about the president of the United States. He does not use that language to speak about anyone.”

She also said Tillerson said his relationship with the president was “all good,” and that he was definitely not thinking of leaving the State Department.

Well, now Trump’s responded — and come on, guys. This is getting out of hand.

First off, Trump said he thought the recent reports about Tillerson were “fake news” pieces. But just in case they weren’t — he said this, to Forbes: I’m smarter than you, Rex.

In his words: “I think it’s fake news. But if he did that, I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win.”

An IQ showdown?

Sigh. As if there weren’t enough Trump haters floating around — now comes this easy pickins’ news piece.

The only one benefiting from this news cycle are those who want to see the White House divide so they might conquer — and Stephanie Ruhle, the MSNBC anchor who broke the story, and who later said: “My source didn’t just say [Tillerson] called [Trump] a moron. He said he called him a f—ing moron.”

That’s just great.

Trump, Tillerson, pertinent spokespeople, too: How about letting this one go — swallowing pride, clamping lips, steering clear of media, et cetera. Between antifa types, progressive-socialists, Democrats and now, apparently, the NFL, real Republicans have enough challenges to overcome to stay on message, to stick with, say, border control or North Korea threats. The last thing that’s needed is a White House spat — and a moronic one, at that. The media may gobble but trust on this: The politically focused conservative in America isn’t impressed.

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