- - Sunday, October 15, 2017


Fred Eckert’s review of Charles J. Sykes’ book, “How The Right Lost Its Mind” (“Conservatism betrayed,” web, Oct. 9), stresses that Republicans abandoned their conservative “principles” and “truth” for “a new tribalism that valued neither.” I’d say the Democrats did the same. And both parties have ignored the fundamental principles that our Declaration of Independence highlighted as “self-evident” truths 240 years ago.

Our Founding Fathers brought these ideals to light but failed to codify them in our U.S. Constitution. This failing eventually cost more American lives (in a very uncivil war) than did all the wars we have fought since then combined.

All major parties (even the Green and Libertarian parties) lack the wisdom and/or courage to incorporate these fundamental elements into their party platforms or legislative priorities. And then we wonder why our nation, our political system and the world are spiraling into chaos.

I wish Mr. Eckert, The Washington Times or any other major publication would list the fundamental principles that are required to sustain all the systems and structures we depend on to maintain our cherished freedoms, security and prosperity. Worshipping a Constitution, an ideology or even a religion that ignores both the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” will fail us catastrophically. No leader or military force can stop it. Only “We the People” can do so. And time is not on our side.



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