- - Tuesday, October 24, 2017


I have no fear of goblins, witches or evil clowns lurking on Halloween. What really scares me is the meat industry.

This is the industry that deprives, mutilates, cages and then butchers billions of cows, pigs, turkeys and chickens — animals who feel joy, affection, sadness and pain, just as we do. It’s an industry that exposes undocumented workers to chronic workplace injuries at slave wages and exploits farmers and ranchers by dictating market prices.

It contributes more to our epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer than any other industry, then bullies health authorities to remove warnings from dietary guidelines. It sanctions world hunger by feeding nutritious corn and soybeans to animals instead of to people. It generates more water pollution than all other human activities, spews more greenhouse gases than all transportation and destroys more wildlife habitats than all other industries.

These are the things that keep me up at night. Fortunately, my local supermarket offers a rich selection of plant-based “meats,” “milks,” “cheeses,” and “ice creams,” as well as a colorful display of fresh fruit and vegetables. It gives me hope and courage for my future. But I still fear for my friends and neighbors.





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